Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Unattended Kiosks

Unattended solutions complete with payment hardware, software, application, gateway and processing services.

As with our other applications, our unattended offering is a complete solution including hardware, software, payment application, gateway service, and payment processing. We can customize this offering by providing a full payment solution or just the pieces a customer needs.

Custom kiosks for ordering or payment acceptance.

It’s hard to be all things to all people, but at IPS we aspire to this standard of service and support.

• If you are a QSR looking for an Ordering/Payment kiosk, then we are your one-stop source.

• If you are a merchant looking for a custom kiosk, we offer an exceptional turnkey option.

• If you are a kiosk manufacturer looking to offer a complementary payment solution so your customers can quickly take payment using your kiosk, we are the perfect choice for you, too.

Fast, flexible, unattended kiosks for indoor and outdoor environments.

Multiple configurations including standing, wall mounted, or tabletop hardware styles.

Challenge us with a custom application – we will propose a high quality and competitive solution to meet your needs.

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