Charlotte, N.C. (December 8, 2020) – SandStar, the artificial intelligence company that provides leading computer vision technology for retail industry, recently partnered with IPS and Worldnet to deliver a frictionless self-checkout experience for customers.

SandStar has transformed traditional vending to AI-enabled unattended retailing. Just insert, tap, or swipe your credit card to open the cooler door, take the food and drinks you’d like, close the door and leave. Using dynamic vision recognition, it captures the items taken from the kiosks in real-time, and securely transacts the payment allowing the customer to continue on their way quickly.

IPS and Worldnet help to ensure a truly frictionless end-to-end cashless payment solution to complete the shopping experience. The final shopping cart is displayed on the screen and sent to the customer’s mobile device automatically for contactless convenience.  Bill Rorick, Vice President of IPS, made the following comments concerning these new kiosks: “As both our business and personal lives continue to move faster, intelligent systems like this will revolutionize the way we do commerce on the go. These new Smart Kiosks from SandStar provide for a simple, safe, fast, and secure way for customers to procure the food and drinks they require without having to select each item individually through a keypad.”

“SandStar is delighted to partner with IPS and Worldnet to bring this leading-edge technology to customers,” said Mike Kiser, President of SandStar North America. “With our current pandemic, consumers are seeking contactless shopping solutions as a way to keep them protected which is why we expected the staggering growth of smarter self-checkout systems delivered through our intuitive retail kiosks.”

SandStar smart kiosks are located at offices, restaurants and airports. Their sales have spiked since launch with over 1,000 transactions per month per kiosk.  

About IPS

IPS – Innovantage Payment Solutions – is a one-stop shop for complete payment systems including: hardware, software, payment applications, gateway services, payment processing, and terminal management. IPS can provide the complete end-to-end solution or just the pieces that the client requires. IPS handles the complete payment system so their clients can focus on their core business.  IPS prides itself on secure transaction solutions and excellent customer service.

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About Worldnet Payments

Worldnet Payments develops frictionless payments solutions for independent software vendors. The company’s omni-channel platform is used to deliver expert solutions in industries such as unattended retail, transportation, and services. Worldnet’s flexible approach enables businesses to deliver a customized payment experience to their customers, including tailored workflows, branding and centralized reporting and analytics. The highly scalable cloud platform provides an advanced range of EMV®-enabled products and services across channels including eCommerce, Mobile, PoS and iPoS.

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About SandStar

SandStar is an artificial intelligence company that provides leading computer vision technology for retail industry. The advanced retail solutions engage shoppers like never before with grab-and-go convenience, autonomous checkout and big data analytics, serving businesses worldwide. Founded in 2016, SandStar now has over 220 engineers. The company provides Smart Kiosks, Pure Computer Vision Smart Shops, and Smart Store Analytics. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., SandStar serves 20+ Fortune 500 companies and strives to build an AI retail ecosystem. SandStar is a qualified Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® IMRS) partner and Microsoft Co-Sell partner, supported by a number of leading venture capital investors after 4 rounds of funding, including CP Group, one of the world’s largest conglomerates.

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SandStar Media Contact:

Andrea Wang


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