Comprehensive Payment Solutions for Transit

When your customers are at the airport, train, or subway station, they need payment solutions that are durable, rugged, and easy to operate that provide a streamlined payment experience. Our expertise in unattended payments ensures that you’re integrating to best-in-class devices that are weather resistant and secure. IPS offers contactless EMV payments that integrate with other modes of ticketing, ensuring simple and secure management of tokens and line occupancy. Plus, with fewer physical tickets, transit organizations can lower their operating costs and “go green” in the process. From validator bus solutions to ticket vending machine, and mobile ticketing solutions, IPS provides a comprehensive approach to transit payments that enhances passenger satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Flexible payment options to fit customer preferences

Rugged, secure solutions for outdoor, unattended environments

Making the World of Payments Easy for You

IPS makes the complex world of electronic payments easy for the merchant. We provide high-performing, easy to install payment systems – working with our customers to provide either an entire integrated hardware, software, and processor solution, or individual portion of the solution.

Featured Hardware Integrations from IPS

We partner with industry-leading hardware providers and pair their devices with our PAE middleware technology for fast certification through the EMV L2 Common Kernel


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